Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Fun

One of our family Summer trips was to San Antonio.

Since we had our grandsons with us a trip to the Zoo was on the list of things we love to do in S.A. with kids. My maternal grandparents lived in S.A when I was growing up, so the zoo is a fond memory for me.

Jackson love, love, loves his Uncle Morgan.

Many of the animal habitats are still like I remember from my childhood. They are carved into the natural stone. I did notice that more fencing has been added over the years. When I was little, you could lean over the walls to see the animals.

Not a good idea.

Mary Beth, sleeping Ben, Ryan and Jackson. I wish I could say M.B. is holding an umbrella because it was raining, but it was to shield Ben from the harsh Texas sun.

We ended the Zoo trip with a ride on the train. I remember riding the train many times. My parents even filmed us as we rode along. I need to find those and show my kids.
Jackson was sat on the train like such a big boy. I had forgotten there was a tunnel. A dark tunnel. As soon as we entered memories of being scared in this tunnel came flooding back to me. I quickly looked at Jackson to see what his reaction was, he was just sitting there frozen. We made it out, and I felt a sigh of relief he was so brave.

Baby Ben even enjoyed the ride.
So, so sweet.

We went down to the River Walk (or Wiver Walk) that night.

A little advice. Do not go on Friday night. This is the only picture we took because there were a million people crowded on the side walks. If you have been there, you know one side of each walkway is the river. A million people, a river, two babies and 150 degree temps. A recipe for disaster. After waiting over an hour to be seated at one of the restaurants, we left , drove through Wendy's and ate at the hotel.

The next morning we drove over to Gruene, Texas. (Pronounced Green.)

We were meeting my family for lunch before we went over to New Braunfels to my Aunt Wilma's 90th birthday party.

Jackson and my Dad had quite an intense conversation while we waited on our food at the Grist Mill.

We had just enough time to browse some of Gruene's shops where I found this perfect cowboy guitar for Jackson. I loved his expression when I surprised him with it.

Jackson loves to sing " I'm in the Lord's Army."

Nothing more precious...