Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you see it?

I was driving home from the store a couple of days ago and was in my own little thought world. I was having ladies from church over that night. I needed something new to decorate my front door. My mind was bouncing around to what I might already have at home. I thought about a round red berry wreath leftover from the Christmas decorations. As I turned the corner into our neighborhood I looked up and the only clouds in the sky were hearts. Ah ha. I would maneuver the red round wreath into the shape of a heart!
I know this is all very frivolous. The clouds really brought out a deeper feeling and emotion for me. God is awesome. His love is forever. He has the power to remind us in wispy clouds in the big blue sky.

"He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills." Psalm 147:8

Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Can't Call us Boring...

We had our family Christmas closer to New Year's than Christmas this year. I think it was more relaxing that way. One of the presents to Morgan and Ryan were 50 yard line tickets to the Dallas Cowboy Game that week. Morgan and Ryan were quite surprised and excited. John bought them Cowboy Jerseys and Jackson a Texas Longhorn Jersey. (Ben had one too, but he was sleeping during this photo shoot.) They had a great time at the game and will always cherish the memory of going. Yes, and Dallas won too!!

On my birthday, John, Morgan and I went to Blue Mesa to eat after Church. I had received a coupon for a free buffet. They have some of the best food in the Dallas area, so forget the diet for a day and indulge! At least on your birthday. Anyway, the waitperson overheard it was my birthday and for some reason he started telling us about a new game called Quelf. Elf with a Qu.

He said something about how crazy it was to play, and one player had to sit under the table the whole game. Hmm, this needed to be investigated thoroughly. After several attempts to find the game, we finally landed our own one. Now, if I were to read the box in the store it would not end up in my shopping cart. It sounds kinda weird. I am not too sure we understood the rules all that well as we sat down to play, but we laughed the whole time!

Ryan picked a card where he was announcing the in flight instructions a flight attendant does at the beginning of every flight and Mary Beth had to do the hand motions. She apparently pays closer attention than the rest of us, because she had it nailed. Except getting tickled. But then, she might have seen that on one of those wacky Southwest flights out of Houston.

We didn't know such a good sport had married into our family. Mary Beth picked a card that required her to move her game piece with her elbows -the entire game.

See the egg in the middle of the game board? That was what I had to find and place there. It stayed in its place the whole time and any player, except me received a penalty if they touched it.

One of my turns I had to pretend I was a photographer on a shoot. I received extra points if I used a real camera. This is Morgan giving his version of a model look.
He picked a card that required him to say "Hear me for I have spoken" after he said anything. We all tried to get him to talk just so we could make him say it. I don't think he missed a single time he spoke.
We only played once, so I am not sure if there is anything inappropriate on any of the cards. I do know the photographer card had a phrase I was supposed to say, but there was no way that was coming out of my mouth. That is my disclaimer.

The next day while John and I were working in the garage this is what was going on upstairs...

I am not too sure what this says about us, but we do know how to have good clean fun!

( We missed Tia Leah! )

Oh, the joys of being a grandmother...