Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

We started our Holiday Season when some of the family came home for Thanksgiving. Jackson was digging around in the dress up box and found the old pirate costume I had made his daddy when he was a little boy.
It has a little wear and tear, but the "aargh" effect is still there.

We visited McKinney for A Dickens of A Christmas where we walked around the square and enjoyed the festivities and the weather. Uncle Morgan and Jackson are special buddies.

Jackson was trying to stand just like this soldier at The Antique Company Mall. He was able to stand perfectly still, but he was too quick for my camera.

The soldier pose came in handy when I wanted him to stand still for this pic. I just wish I had noticed the big red bow behind Mary Beth's head.

I think the boys were watching some drummers performing at the corner.

Now, back at the ranch.

Ryan had a birthday and we have a tradition of decorating a "cookie cake" that we started when we lived in Waco and Ryan was about four or five. He decorated it with an Army Tank. He was a good artist early in life.

We sang Happy birthday.

Ben found the car seat and was chillin'. He is a really easy going kid.
Pretty cute curls too...

We have a new tradition of decorating a Gingerbread House. Last year it was actually a train.

I let Jackson eat the tree so he wouldn't be tempted to chow down on the house.

Morgan contributed his artistic talents.

Papa John even helped. You know, these things are harder than they look!